You choose the fabric you like from Fabric.com for your T Shirt Quilt.


Your T Shirt quilt is densely quilted to hold its shape for many years.

Receive a proof to approve before your t shirt quilt is finished.


Free return shipping to US.



Traditional T Shirt Quilt
Mosaic T Shirt Quilt

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The Process
Decide what style of T Shirt quilt you would like and choose your shirts. Print the order for...
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Styles and Prices of T-Shirt Quilts
Traditional -T shirts are cut into blocks with fabric between the blocks. You can choose with or wit...
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Order Form
Print this form and mail with your T shirts.  
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Mosaic T Shirt Quilt Prices
The sizes for the Mosaic quilt are approximate. The final size will depend on the size of the logos/...
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Traditional T Shirt prices
The price for a traditional T shirt quilt is $22 per shirt. That price includes everything:cusom fab...
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Why Choose Us to make your T Shirt Quilt
Here at the T Shirt Quilt Company  we take your t shirts and sew them into a unique one of a kind t
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Thank you For Trusting Us to Make Your T Shirt Quilt