Quilting Stitches Make the T Shirt Quilt

quilting designs
Does the quilting matter on your T Shirt quilt? It should. The quilting stitches are what holds your T shirt quilt together but it also has other functions. Quilting stitches either add to or detract from your t shirts. Look at examples of T shirt quilts. Do you see the thread or do you see the shirts? You want to see the shirts! Quilts with different quilting on each block look messy and takes your eyes away from the shirt. Yes it may be nice to see a detailed picture stitched on your shirt but over time will it be so neat? It may be artistic but what if it is not to your liking? Quilting stitches that are too large and make the quilt look cheap.  In this picture…
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Traveling T Shirt Quilts

Gallery, travel
So many places to explore. So many memories to make. Save your memories in a T Shirt quilt. Here at the T Shirt Quilt Company we get to see t-shirts from all over the world. We actually have to google some of the destinations! We have quilted Harley Davidson shirts that came from many countries, years of shirts from local festivals, concert shirts from many cities, and bucket list shirts. The fabric chosen for the back can really set the theme for travel quilts. Here are a couple: [gallery columns="4" ids="562,209,563,564"] You choose the fabrics for your quilt. Go to and look at quilting cottons. The fabric for the back is a perfect place to express yourself. You will have a reversible quilt with your tshirts on the front…
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Tips for choosing fabrics for your T Shirt quilt

Fabric choices
You choose the fabrics for your quilt at the T Shirt Quilt Company. It is a lot of fun to pick your fabric but also a little daunting!  Here are tips to help you choose your fabrics: Traditional Style The sashing is the fabric that is between the blocks in the traditional style T Shirt quilt. The sashing is cut either 2 inches or 2.5 inches wide. Solid colors or a small print work best. Fabric with big designs, stripes, or chevrons will not work. We recommend Kona solids. Kona is a good quality fabric and comes in hundreds of colors. The fabric should be a quilting cotton. In the search bar add the words "quilting cottons". This will weed out the canvas, twill, and other cottons that are not…
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How to cut your shirts to mail

sending your shirts
Postage costs are going up.  We hear that every year!  To lower the shipping cost it may seem reasonable for you to cut your t shirts before you mail them to us. Unfortunately if the designs have been cut too close we cannot use them in your T Shirt quilt. It is OK to cut the front and back apart but it is not OK to cut the design out and not leave any fabric around it. This is especially true for the traditional style T Shirt quilt. That style of T Shirt quilt the t shirts are cut into blocks and arranged in rows and columns. The blocks are cut the same width and we can square the blocks by adding fabric and then cutting the blocks.  If the…
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Proof before we quilt your T Shirt quilt.

proof to approve, t shirt quilt makers
In your quest to find a T Shirt quilt maker please research to find out if they send you a proof to approve before they quilt your T Shirt quilt. It is an added step but a very important one! We are all human and make mistakes! Especially around busy times-graduation and Christmas- mistakes will happen. A couple mistakes that can happen: We have had clients realize they sent the wrong shirt! Graduation time is hectic and parents are gathering t shirts for their child's T Shirt quilt and they accidentally include a shirt from a sibling or a friend. It would be so disappointing to open your T Shirt quilt and there is your little brothers t shirt! We also make mistakes. A missed note that a certain shirt be…
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Qualities to look for when choosing a T Shirt quilt maker.

t shirt quilt makers
Google T Shirt quilts and a big range of quilts and prices come up. How do you navigate and choose the best t-shirt quilt maker for you? First you have to decide the style of T Shirt quilt you like and also what will work best for your shirts. There are a few different ways to make a t shirt quilt: Traditional- t shirts are cut into squares and sewn together with or without sashing. Mosaic (puzzle)- t-shirts are cut into different sizes and pieced in a puzzle design. I have found another design where the t shirts are cut into strips and randomly sewn back together. We won't go there!! Second -What kind of materials does the t-shirt quilt maker use? There is a big difference in the quality of…
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