What if my T-shirts are white?

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We get the question "What if most of my t-shirts are white? Will my t shirt quilt be too drab? There are 43,239 possibilities to make your t-shirt quilt not be drab. That is the number of quilting cottons available on Fabric.com today. You choose the fabrics for your quilt. It is your vision and we make it happen. Do you love pink flamingoes? How about purple cows? More into plaids? Here are a couple we have made in the last couple weeks. The t shirts are mostly white but the quilts are definitely not drab! [gallery ids="647,648"] There are lots of awesome fabrics that will make your t-shirt quilt all yours. Here are a couple of our favorites: [gallery columns="5" ids="650,573,562,525,209"]
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Tips for choosing fabrics for your T Shirt quilt

Fabric choices
You choose the fabrics for your quilt at the T Shirt Quilt Company. It is a lot of fun to pick your fabric but also a little daunting!  Here are tips to help you choose your fabrics: Traditional Style The sashing is the fabric that is between the blocks in the traditional style T Shirt quilt. The sashing is cut either 2 inches or 2.5 inches wide. Solid colors or a small print work best. Fabric with big designs, stripes, or chevrons will not work. We recommend Kona solids. Kona is a good quality fabric and comes in hundreds of colors. The fabric should be a quilting cotton. In the search bar add the words "quilting cottons". This will weed out the canvas, twill, and other cottons that are not…
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