What if my T-shirts are white?

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We get the question "What if most of my t-shirts are white? Will my t shirt quilt be too drab? There are 43,239 possibilities to make your t-shirt quilt not be drab. That is the number of quilting cottons available on Fabric.com today. You choose the fabrics for your quilt. It is your vision and we make it happen. Do you love pink flamingoes? How about purple cows? More into plaids? Here are a couple we have made in the last couple weeks. The t shirts are mostly white but the quilts are definitely not drab! [gallery ids="647,648"] There are lots of awesome fabrics that will make your t-shirt quilt all yours. Here are a couple of our favorites: [gallery columns="5" ids="650,573,562,525,209"]
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Proof before we quilt your T Shirt quilt.

proof to approve, t shirt quilt makers
In your quest to find a T Shirt quilt maker please research to find out if they send you a proof to approve before they quilt your T Shirt quilt. It is an added step but a very important one! We are all human and make mistakes! Especially around busy times-graduation and Christmas- mistakes will happen. A couple mistakes that can happen: We have had clients realize they sent the wrong shirt! Graduation time is hectic and parents are gathering t shirts for their child's T Shirt quilt and they accidentally include a shirt from a sibling or a friend. It would be so disappointing to open your T Shirt quilt and there is your little brothers t shirt! We also make mistakes. A missed note that a certain shirt be…
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Qualities to look for when choosing a T Shirt quilt maker.

t shirt quilt makers
Google T Shirt quilts and a big range of quilts and prices come up. How do you navigate and choose the best t-shirt quilt maker for you? First you have to decide the style of T Shirt quilt you like and also what will work best for your shirts. There are a few different ways to make a t shirt quilt: Traditional- t shirts are cut into squares and sewn together with or without sashing. Mosaic (puzzle)- t-shirts are cut into different sizes and pieced in a puzzle design. I have found another design where the t shirts are cut into strips and randomly sewn back together. We won't go there!! Second -What kind of materials does the t-shirt quilt maker use? There is a big difference in the quality of…
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Quilting Your T Shirt Quilt -Simple and Uniform

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 T Shirt Quilt Company designs 2 styles of T Shirt quilts : traditional and mosaic. The quilting patterns we use are a classic swirl on the traditional T Shirt quilt and a meandering swirl on the mosaic T Shirt quilt. We chose those 2 patterns for several reasons.:  The quilting patterns are dense enough to secure the 3 layers of the T Shirt quilt but are not to dense to cause the shirts to bunch up.  The quilting patterns add a uniformity to the T Shirt quilts. Most T-shirt quilts have shirts with different colors and designs. The swirl quilting patterns bring all the colors and designs together so your eyes will focus on the shirts and not the quilting patterns.  Look closely at the quilting on T Shirt quilts before…
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