Questions about your custom t-shirt quilt?

1. I have already cut my shirts-Can they be used? Yes we can work with cut shirts.

2. How long does it take? Turnaround time is 5-7 weeks after we get your shirts and you pick your fabric choices. If you have a certain date you need the quilt by please let us know and we will try to work with you!

3. Can I send sweatshirts? Yes we can use sweatshirts, jerseys, most anything that can be washed!

4. Are the quilts tied? Our custom tshirt quilts are professionally quilted. Your quilt will have 3 layers: top, batting, and back. We then quilt it on a long arm quilting machine with cotton thread. Our pattern of choice is a swirl design .

5.Can i suggest the layout? Yes! We encourage you to arrange your shirts and send a picture of the layout of 

your quilt. If you do not have a preference we will arrange by color.