My Story

In 2004 I purchased my first long arm quilting machine and I retired early from my day job as a nuclear lab technician . My business as a long arm quilter was successful and I truly enjoyed my work. I quilted other people’s quilt tops and I also made quilts to enter into quilt shows. It was an exciting time . It was a great learning experience and life was good!!

Then in 2013 my life changed.

My spine collapsed from a staph infection. A team of doctors at MUSC in Charleston, SC rebuilt my back. The surgery lasted 14 hours and was a success!  I am forever grateful to them and to God for saving my life!

For 2 years I was unable to work and closed my business. In those 2 years we moved for my husband’s job and I eventually started quilting again. I opened an Etsy shop and decided to sell quilts. I quickly discovered that quilts made with quality fabrics were not big sellers and I did not want to use cheaper materials.

My husband wanted a T Shirt quilt so I made him one and listed it as a sample on Etsy. The orders came in! Today I have a successful Etsy shop(EggMoneyQuilts) and have over 200 5-star reviews.

When I am not quilting you will find me remodeling the house, walking the 2 rescue dogs, or eating chocolate! My husband gets embarrassed when we go out to dinner because I make a big deal that I do not eat tomatoes. I nicely ask the server please no tomatoes and if my plate comes out with tomatoes I always send it back. But I like ketchup!

Life can go off a cliff really quick. I have learned to enjoy life, celebrate the little victories, and only eat what I like!