Why Choose Us to make your T Shirt Quilt

We are a team of highly skilled ladies and we would love to transform your stack of t shirts into a heirloom quality T Shirt quilt that you will be proud to show off! We use high quality materials and top of the line equipment. We have made 100’s of T Shirt quilts with many happy clients. It is time to stop settling for boring T Shirt quilts!!

What makes us different?

    • YOU choose the fabrics that YOU like from Fabric.com . Whether you like flowers, frogs, or geometric designs-the choice is yours. We cut the sashing on the front of the quilt 2-2.5 inches so solids or small prints work best. The backing fabric can be any quilting cotton you choose! Here are some tips to help you make a great choice!
  •   YOU receive a proof for approval before we quilt your T Shirt quilt. Other t shirt quilt businesses do not send proofs. Stuff happens! Clients send the wrong shirt or we miss the note to put your favorite shirt in the middle.  Do you really want your daughter’s shirt in your son’s graduation quilt?  Sending the client a proof we can catch little things and they can be corrected before the T Shirt quilt is quilted.
  • We use a light-weight interfacing on the backs of your shirts. Don’t believe the T Shirt quilt businesses that skip this important step. They want you to believe that it makes the quilt stiff.  It doesn’t-cheap fabric makes the quilt stiff and we only use quilt shop quality fabrics.
  • Your quilt is professionally quilted in a dense pattern to provide stability to the three layers. The dense pattern allows your quilt to be washed without the shirts or batting “bunching” up. It is also very pleasing to look at!

Examples of T Shirt quilt backs our clients have chosen: